About Us


Our History

Working Bugs is a biochemical company established in 2006.  The company produces a platform of key molecules and their derivatives. Our processes, equipment and products are innovative.  Our goal is to bring a new family of bio-based specialty chemicals to market and to offer options to the use of petrochemicals.

We also offer contract manufacturing services.  A critical step for the biotechnology industry is converting great ideas into practice--in other words, transitioning from research to production. Few contract fermentation companies exist for the production of food, bio-fuels and bio-chemicals. This is one of the niche markets that Working Bugs targets. We can work with your company to scale-up your fermentation process, adding the downstream separation processes, if needed, and help you reach your manufacturing goals.

The Working Bugs' Team

Working Bugs, LLC.

The Working Bugs team has decades of experience in fermentation and engineering. The Michigan based facilities have manufacturing as a primary function. We have engineers, microbiologists and biologists on staff, specialized in many aspects of fermentation. Areas of process development include strain development, enzymatic pretreatment, fermentation optimization and scale-up, and separation technology.

Working Bugs, AB.

The Sweden based management team focuses on the development of processes using renewable raw materials in emerging technologies.


In 2008, Working Bugs, LLC was designated a Center of Energy Excellence in Michigan. At that time, there were six Centers in the state. Each center had a different focus in the State's efforts to move alternative energy initiatives forward. The focus of Working Bugs as a Center was to build upon the biorefinery concept, producing value added products to help boost profits for the biofuels industry. Being a biochemical company, Working Bugs was an ideal core company to represent the biorefinery focus. As a Center of Energy Excellence, Working Bugs partnered with a large feedstock producing company, a company owning ethanol plants, and a large chemical company. Our university partner was Michigan Technological University.

Working Bugs continues the work it began as a Center of Energy Excellence by building out its processing capabilities and designing and producing sustainable chemical products. The company was awarded a Value Added Producers Grant to manufacture two products from corn grown on the owners' farm. Those products are an all natural nail polish remover and a cleaning product.